About Us

In 1993 Borman Enterprises was experiencing the same problem as other CNC Machining businesses. Finding quality, well-trained CNC programmers, operators, and set-up people was then and is still today a problem for most CNC Manufacturing companies in Northeast Ohio.  The answer... start a CNC Training program to produce top of the line CNC personnel. Upon graduation either hire them, or place them with other companies.

The Cleveland Industrial Training Center was born!

Twenty four years and hundreds of successful graduates later, CITC continues to grow because of a basic philosophy and formula: Take qualified applicants who demonstrate learning potential, put them in a formal training program in a working CNC machining business, keep class sizes small, considerable hands-on experience, and success will follow.

CITC Main School

The main school is located in a heavily industrialized area at 1311 Brookpark Road in Cleveland, Ohio.  By conducting the training in a CNC manufacturing facility (Borman Enterprises, Inc.) it allows students and graduates hands-on-access to CNC machine tools, CAD/CAM systems as well as quality control equipment and tooling.

All Cleveland Industrial Training Center/Learning Center instructors are well qualified machine operators and programmers who combine their experience and knowledge with a desire to teach.

In July of 2007, Cleveland Industrial Training Center petitioned the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools for a learning center to be located at 2642 Gilchrist Road in Akron, Ohio. Approval was granted and operations began on November 19, 2007.  The learning center is known as Akron CNC Training Center.  Training center classes and lab projects are conducted at S.C. Manufacturing. This follows the model of CITC whereby the training is conducted in an actual operating CNC manufacturing facility.

CITC Akron School

In late 2009, CITC again petitioned the state board for approval of the first and only CNC Swiss machine operator training program in Ohio. Approval was granted and classes began in January of 2010.

CITC has always provided quality CNC training to the public and government agencies, but without question, the largest area of recent growth has been in direct company training through CITC Corporate Services.

Cleveland Industrial Training Center/Learning Center is registered with the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration #93-04-1357T and #93-04-1357LC.